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48 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team Standards are a community and governmen- tal process, if you will, formalizing methods and techniques to allow for consistency and repeatability across the industry. Thus, there are many participants in the standards defi- nition processes from individual volunteers to corporations to industry organizations—all participate in the standards processes in some way. I-Connect007 reached out to representatives from several organizations and talked with them about how they participate in the stan- dards process. Along the way, these conversa- tions clarify which group does what, how they all work together as well as clarify and dispel a couple of industry myths. Join us for some interview excerpts from IPC's Dave Bergman, iNEMI's Marc Benowitz, and NextFlex executives Scott Miller and Wil- fried Bair. ____________________________ IPC Continues Global Standards Initiatives Dave Bergman, IPC VP of standards and tech- nology, gives an update on the current state of IPC's global development standards activ- ity with new standards growth in industries— such as printed electronics for e-textiles and wire harnesses—as well as continued growth for IPC's connected factory exchange and auto- motive standards. Nolan Johnson: Dave, what's your role with IPC? Dave Bergman: I've been with IPC for 39 years. Currently, I am responsible for our global stan- dards activity, our events at IPC APEX EXPO, and our IPC India office. I'm also involved with some co-team European activity with Sanjay Huprikar, IPC VP of solutions. Johnson: Let's start out with an overview of IPC and standards. What's the mission? Bergman: IPC has been involved in standard- ization since 1959, and we have continued to

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