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McConnell: Oh, yes; it gives them the means to talk to each other. Shaughnessy: Switching gears a little, what do you think about this harmonization that IPC is pushing with trying to get IPC, JEDEC, and ev- erybody else on the same page? McConnell: It would be nice if it were harmo- nized. It's easier to work and talk together, but it takes time. It will happen over time because of the digital twin. How we harmonize be- comes a difference. Do I have to use the same terms? Because that becomes expensive for IPC to change something with the number of docu- ments that have to be written, such as "lead" to "terminal." Could I do something else, such as interchange the terms and definitions of "lead' and "terminal?" Then, when you do a major revision, you make the change. Right now, it's too soon, but it is something that we shouldn't drop; we have to keep an eye on that. When I first started in the industry, IPC and JEDEC were very much in sync. I'm going to say that we were in sync when everybody had the money and time to be there. That's where the industry was; we were new and had to be in sync. Then, we had that bad period in the industry where nobody had the money, and we drifted apart. We did our own things. It hap- pens in companies too. Shaughnessy: A lot of people are retiring or have left the industry during the downturns, and there are fewer subject-matter experts at companies. McConnell: I agree. A lot of retiring went on, and those that made it stayed but are approach- ing retirement age. Mil-aero experienced a few years ago what we called a gap in the industry. There was a time in this industry where nobody new was coming in. Now, we have new people coming in, but we don't have that middle engi - neer anymore. The people who retired or were laid off w ere the older end. The middle group that stayed are retiring. I'm even looking for - ward to my retirement in a few years. And some of us are not staying with IPC. It could be that IPC has to think, "We have a bunch of former SMEs who are now retirees. Is there some way

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