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SEPTEMBER 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 3 SEPTEMBER 2019 • FEATURE CONTENTS FEATURES: Design For Excellence: Karen McConnell on Standards Interview by Andy Shaughnessy The Convergence: IPC Merging CFX With IPC-2581 Interview with Gary Carter and Michael Ford Why Does the PCB Industry Still Use Gerber? by Karel Tavernier It's no secret that the standards situation in PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly is anything but standard. This alphabet soup of documents and guidelines can be a confusing maze even for veteran professionals. This month, we untangle the often-confusing world of standards. Streamlining Standards 10 16 22 FEATURE COLUMN: Realizing a Higher Standard for PCB Design by Tim Haag 50 26 32 36 44 36 44 Emma Hudson on the Harmonization of Standards Interview by Andy Shaughnessy So Many Standards Committees, So Little Time Interview with Leo Lambert ODB++: Transforming Ideas Into Products by Max Clark IPC-2581 Continues to Flourish by Linda Mazzitelli

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