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22 PCB007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 The functional sequence of creating a circuit assembly is presented herein as a strict lin- ear progression from function to function. As we (should) have learned from Dr. Who and the great American philosopher Lena Horne, "It Ain't Necessarily So." Properly done, there will be backward and forward interactions be- tween the functions throughout the process with feedback informing both of the current actions of the functional team but also correct- ing and fine-tuning their future actions (ideal- ly, that is). Next Time In my next article, I'll take the reader through a (grossly oversimplified) sequence of how these standards are applied and interpreted in each of the functions previously listed with ex- amples and excerpts. PCB007 References 1. Clyde F. Coombs Jr. & Happy Holden, Printed Circuit Handbook, Seventh Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2016, p. 1,585. 2. IPC-7092, "Design and Assembly Process Implemen- tation for Embedded Components." Marc Carter has worked in the elec- tronics interconnection industry since 1984 in a variety of roles in fabrication and assembly materials, processes, environmental compliance, and supply chain management activities around the world. He has had the honor and privilege of working with and learning from many of the true giants of the elec - tronics manufacturing industry. Marc was a long-time user of standards in the manufacturing world and served as a staff liaison at IPC, a national representative to IEC TC119, an alternate rep on TC91, and a liaison to ECIA, JPCA, and other standards development organizations. by Barry Matties Graham Naisbitt, chairman and CEO of Gen3 Systems, has spent decades leading cleanliness testing standards in a number of different standards organizations like IPC, IEC, and ISO around an assortment of testing methods, such as CAF, SIR, and even introducing a new standard this year for his own testing method—process ionic con- tamination testing (PICT). Naisbitt breaks down his long involvement with standards and where they stand cur- rently. This interview was published in the September issue of SMT007 Magazine. Click here to read the full article. by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team Jan Pedersen, senior technical advisor at Elmatica, and Ray Prasad, president of Ray Prasad Consultancy Group, spoke with the I-Connect007 team about the current state of PCB standards and where the process might need im- provements, including the many difficulties around trans- parency, slow updates, limitless numbers of variations, and a variety of other topics. This interview was published in the September issue of SMT007 Magazine. Click here to read the full article. To Improve the Standards Process, Get Involved The Long Road to a New Standard

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