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32 PCB007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 With this data, changes can be made to ensure the reliability of all products in further cycles. It's also the reason that all of NCAB's products are 100% electrically tested at least once in the manufacturing process. This guarantees that if any boards had defects, there are multiple check - points to confirm they can be found. NCAB also has a secondary inspection team in the factories to make sure that the product is in line with procurement data. The extra con- straints put in place by NCAB are part of the general standards that all boards must pass through before they reach the customer. All of these strict requirements on standards help to achieve an internal quality performance goal of 99.3%. The quality of the finished board is one of the best ways to verify the standards placed in each step throughout the process. Conclusion Reliability and quality are essential to be competitive in the market and vital to your company's reputation and success. Standards produce electronic assemblies that meet strict quality tests, which will eventually reduce de- lays and any rework or scrap. Furthermore, by applying a set of standards, it can maximize the yield of products, ensure better function- ality and compliance with regulations. NCAB has developed its own set of standards, which ensure that the end products will be at their optimal performance by keeping quality in mind every step of the way. PCB007 Alifiya Arastu, Jeff Beauchamp, Harry Kennedy, and Ruben Contreras are field application engineers at NCAB Group. with more of cloud, servers, and networking products picking up some of the slack that the reduction in con- sumer electronic spend had caused," said Nuttall. Nuttall continued, "Then, everything changed when the tariffs arrived. We've seen a level of uncertainty creep in and start to influence the changing global economies and global trade to a degree where even equipment sales are slowing. We've seen the industry forecasting small- er increases, and the numbers are suggesting that with changes on the horizon—such as tariffs in the U.S. and China or changes within the European Union—it might get bumpier as we move through this year." Nuttall also noted that even though the industry expects this year to be tougher, there was a little more optimism moving into next year, but a lot of that optimism depends on two elements: the health of the changing global economies and the devel - opment of some of the more high-tech elec- tronic industries. (Source: I-Connect007) To read the full interview, click here. Nolan Johnson talks with Chris Nuttall, chief opera- tions officer and VP of technology, about NCAB Group's most recently released market report. Johnson and Nut- tall discuss some of the market drivers and conditions the industry can expect to close out in 2019 as well as what to prepare for in 2020. According to Nuttall, as the industry finished 2018, it saw the landscape change—most notably, the trend was one of a reduction in spending on consumer electronics, which has been widely publicized. "We moved into 2019 NCAB 2019 Market Report: Competition Is Heating Up Arastu Beauchamp Kennedy Contreras

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