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DECEMBER 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 95 5 SMTAI 2019: To the Moon and Beyond E Dr. Mike Hawes is currently the VP for human space explo- ration and the Orion Program manager for Lockheed Martin. Barry Matties spoke with him afterward to discuss the tech- nology innovations that empower the next-gen- eration spacecraft to take astronauts to explore farther than humankind has ever ventured. 6 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Smart Pills and Cameras—The Next Frontier for PCB Microelectronics E The phrase, "Take two aspi- rin," takes on new meaning, as medical electronics move into new frontiers of inspecting a human's gastrointestinal tract with new, revolutionary ingest- ible smart pills and "pill cams." 7 Powerful Prototypes: Panelization—What Is It and Why Would You Want It? E We see orders for a single board, and we see orders for thousands. "A few thousand" falls way outside the realm of "prototype," but in the startup and open-source worlds, the lines are blurred. Once you order more than about 50 boards, a few things change; for example, you should consider ordering your boards in a panel, also called arrays or a palette, of multi- ple boards. 8 Quest for Reliability: Reliability by the Book E Eric Camden can say that the next time he works on a Class I failure analysis project, it will pretty much be the first. Class I electronics serve a dif- ferent purpose in life, and if they fail, it's normally not a big deal; instead, it's mainly a minor inconvenience. Eric also speaks to specifications for Class I, II, and III products per IPC definitions as well as the IPC standards process. 9 Libra Industries, Indium Corporation, STI Electronics Pledge Support for Stromberg Scholarship E SMTA and the JoAnn Strom- berg Leadership Scholarship recently received a five-year commitment of support from Indium Corporation, Libra Industries, and STI Electron- ics. Rod Howell, CEO of Libra Industries, moved the scholarship even further, pledging an additional five-year commitment. J Kathleen A. Walters Joins Jabil Board of Directors E Jabil Inc. announced Kath- leen A. Walters has been appointed to the Jabil Board of Directors. For the latest news and information, visit Subscribe to our newsletters or premium content at my I-Connect007. Eric Camden Rod Howell Kathleen A. Walters Dr. Mike Hawes Zulki Khan

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