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DECEMBER 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 15 that I waited so long to get my CID certifica- tion, so don't make the same mistake. I-Connect007 At my company, Legrand North Ameri- ca, I lead a team of 60 designers in the build- ing control division. It is my responsibility to teach and mentor these designers. One of the primary resources that I recommend for my team members is Design007 Magazine and the other I-Connect007 magazines, sites, and newsletters. I have found I-Connect007 to be on the cutting edge of the electronic indus- try. The editors and contributors provide a smorgasbord of industry news, technical arti- cles, and some of the best training materials/ ebooks available. Altium I would be remiss to leave out Altium and all of the resources they provide. The list of Altium resources includes their video library, blogs, forums, technical books, white papers, and conferences dedicated solely to educating PCB designers. There is never a lack of Altium materials to read. I might add that the team at Altium is creating a resource community that is not vendor-specific, focusing on the bigger picture of PCB design, not the ECAD software you're using. Conclusion Finally, I would tell my younger self, "Don't let anyone tell you what your potential will be." Remember: Misery loves company. It seems that the miserable people who gave up on their dreams a long time ago are usually the ones telling you what you can't do. Never, un- der any circumstance, let anyone do that. The only person that can limit you is, well, you. Your future and your continuing success are not dependent on your education level, where you grew up, or your age. The career path you decide to follow doesn't come from the out- side, but rather from the inside. And no one can take that away from you. DESIGN007 John Watson, CID, is a senior PCB engineer at Legrand North America and a PCB design instructor. IDTechEx Research Asks How Autonomous Driving Will Shape the Future of the Mobility Sector? Autonomous driving is shifting the existing au- tomotive supply chain from the traditional system of OEMs and suppliers to a collaborative ecosystem comprising OEMs, mobility service providers, soft- ware and hardware solution providers, and infra- structure providers. We have recently seen competi- tors joining hands and forming some unlikely-sound- ing alliances to reduce the cost of autonomous driv- ing development, as well as to share resources and capabilities. In July 2019, BMW Group signed a long- term strategic cooperation with rival company Daim- ler AG that begins with brining Level 4 capability to market in the mid-2020s. The long-term collaboration aims to extend to encompass a scalable platform for autonomous driving where they can share compo- nents, validation efforts and other competencies. Mobility services enabled by autonomous driving technologies, which allows fleet operators to get rid of the biggest operation cost—the human driver— will offer a cheaper alternative to purchasing and owning a private car. In the next two decades, mobil- ity-as-a-service (MaaS) will grow rapidly to meet the increasing travel demand and in the meantime grad- ually replace private driving, according to IDTechEx's latest report titled "Autonomous Cars and Robotax- is 2020-2040." IDTechEx forecasts that in a moder- ate scenario, shared autonomous cars could account for up to 4 trillion miles travelled on the road—about 30% of the total travel demand—by 2040, and glob- al passenger car sales are expected to peak in 2031. (Source: IDTechEx)

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