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76 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2019 Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team During PCB Carolina, Kelly Dack and Andy Shaughnessy sat down for an interview with SEP's Guy Martindale, who is helping Kelly to develop an advanced metal-bonded flexible circuit. Guy explains why it is so critical for de- signers and fabricators to begin collaborating early in the design process, particularly with advanced and custom flex applications. Kelly Dack: Guy, thanks for spending time with us today. Guy Martindale: Thanks for reaching out. Dack: Just two months ago, we ran into each other on the show floor at another indus- try event. I had a specific design need for a flex circuit requiring a thin piece of stainless steel to be bonded to its backside—specifical- ly, a heat sink material attached to the flex. I'd been searching the trade show floors and had interviewed several suppliers, but your capa- bilities stood out. After setting up our NDA, you presented a detailed stackup proposal that not only addressed the materials, but you fol- lowed through with SEP's innovative approach to panelizing this specialized configuration for volume assembly. Guy, tell us about SEP and where your circuits are produced. Martindale: SEP is based out of Suwon-Si, South Korea. We're a PCB manufacturer that covers all aspects of circuit boards, from rigid to rigid-flex and flex. Our niche is being able to support custom applications like you've come to the table with. Bonding metal to the flex presents a certain challenge, but excising the completed parts from a manufacturing panel array presents an entirely different set of chal- lenges based on the assembly order of oper- ation in the manufacturing environment. So, we're not only a PCB manufacturer, but we support some of the assembly side of the busi- ness as well. What You Need to Know: Advanced Flex Design Kelly Dack Guy Martindale

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