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14 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 Invitation to Attend Task Group Meetings Our next in-person meeting will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday, February 4, 2020, at IPC APEX EXPO 2020 in San Diego, Califor- nia. I keenly extend my invitation to all of you to attend and participate in the meeting. You are always welcome regardless of your main interest as a supplier, user, or researcher; you are also always welcome no matter whether you are more inclined to share or just to observe. SMT007 Upcoming Presentation Dr. Hwang will present a lecture on "Reliability of Elec- tronics: The Role of Intermetallic Compounds" in February 2020 at IPC APEX EXPO 2020 in San Diego, California. Dr. Jennie S. Hwang—an inter- national businesswoman and speaker, and business and tech- nology advisor—is a pioneer and long-standing contributor to elec- tronics hardware manufactur- ing as well as to the environment- friendly lead-free electronics implementation. Among her many awards and honors, she was inducted to the Inter- national Hall of Fame—Women in Technology, elected to the National Academy of Engineering, an R&D-Stars- to-Watch, and YWCA Achievement Award. Having held senior executive positions with Lockheed Martin Corp., Sherwin Williams Co., SCM Corp, and CEO of International Electronic Materials Corp., she is currently CEO of H-Tech- nologies Group providing business, technology, and man- ufacturing solutions. She is the Chairman of Assessment Board of DoD Army Research Laboratory, serving on Com- merce Department's Export Council, National Materials and Manufacturing Board, NIST Assessment Board, Army Science and Technology Board, various national panels/ committees, international leadership positions, and the board of Fortune-500 NYSE companies and civic and uni- versity boards. She is the author of 500+ publications and several books, and a speaker and author on trade, business, education, and social issues. Her formal edu- cation includes four academic degrees as well as the Harvard Business School Executive Program and Colum- bia University Corporate Governance Program. For more information, please visit To read past columns or contact Hwang, click here. Brook Sandy-Smith, IPC's technical conference program manager, discusses the top reasons to attend IPC APEX EXPO 2020, from connecting with other members of the industry to planning for the future by being up to date on the latest industry advancements and new technologies. Click image below to watch video. (Source: IPC) Top Reasons to Attend IPC APEX EXPO 2020

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