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16 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 At productronica 2019, Mycronic AB demon- strated a full portfolio of electronics assembly solu- tions. In addition to the latest integrated SMT line, jet printing, dispensing, 3D inspection, and mate- rial handling solutions, the company highlighted its industry-leading automotive camera module assembly and high-precision die bonding solutions. Enhancing Quality, Flexibility, and Productivity As electronics assembly continues to grow more complex, Mycronic has more ways than ever before to improve quality, flexibility, and productivity in a range of electronics manufacturing applications. "All of the state-of-the-art solutions that we offer are part of our vision to enable zero-defect assem- bly with the highest utilization for any product mix," says Thomas Stetter, senior VP, assembly solutions. "From integrated SMT production lines to advanced packaging and automotive sensors, our aim is to enhance our customers' control over the data, processes, and material flows that matter most to their success." New Production Insights With Enhanced M2M Communication As an active member of the Hermes Standard Initiative, the majority of Mycronic's machine models will now be Hermes-compliant. This stan- dardized machine-to-machine (M2M) communication pro- tocol represents an impor- tant step in enabling custom- ers to look beyond discrete manufacturing process steps and gain holistic insights into factory-wide productivity. It will also allow greater ven- dor-independent capabilities, enabling customer processes and programming to become increasingly driven by board requirements. Full SMT Line Solution With Expanded Capabilities The recently launched MYPro Line—the compa- ny's latest full SMT line solution—provides a num- ber of new software and automation capabilities. The SIGMA Link software, which correlates data between solder paste inspection (SPI) and auto- mated optical inspection (AOI), now features more intuitive process controls to further improve inspec- tion efficiency and first-pass yield. A new AOI plat- form with 2x faster programming and a new SPI and jet printing repair system closes several data feedback loops to automatically increase yield and product quality over time. New dashboard and analysis software will simplify production schedul- ing and enhance overall equipment effectiveness. New Advances in Conformal Coating and Plasma Treatment As part of Mycronic's rapidly evolving MYSmart series of dispensing and conformal coating robots, a number of new hardware and software innovations were on display at the show. The industry-leading MYC50 conformal coating system—with its new intuitive user interface, precision spray valve, and Mycronic AB Demonstrates Expanded Portfolio at productronica 2019 Jeff Leal, head of product management, MYSmart assembly solutions, describes Mycronic's family of precision dispensing solutions, from simple to complex and prototyping to mass production. Leal also demonstrates the versatile MYC50 platform integrated with in-line flash-off and UV curing. 16 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 PRODUCTRONICA 2019 SPECIAL COVERAGE

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