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JANUARY 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 95 5 New Book Highlights Approaches to Ensure Reliability in Your Assembly Process E Learn how to ensure elec- trochemical reliability with The Printed Circuit Assem- bler's Guide to… Process Vali- dation—the latest title in our educational library. 6 SMT Prospects & Perspectives— Revisiting Globalization: Technology, Jobs, Trade E In 2004, Dr. Jennie Hwang wrote a column titled "Glo- balization: Technology, Jobs, Trade," which was published in the July issue of SMT007 Magazine. Amid the protracted and roller-coaster trade uncer- tainty between the U.S. and China, and the renewed debate on globalization, she revisits the topic. What has changed over the last 15 years? Where do we stand today? Is globaliza- tion undergoing a retreat or reverse course? 7 Quest for Reliability: Voices Carry E The title of Eric Camden's col- umn this month is "Voices Carry," so not only is it a great chance to revisit the wonder- fully written, top-10 hit song by 'Til Tuesday/Aimee Mann, but it is also a good opportunity to share the voices of modern electronics and electronic assembly processes. 8 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Vital Details for Implantable Medical Devices E In addition to smart pills and smart cameras, which Zulki Khan covered in a pre- vious column, another seg- ment of the medical electron- ics devices market is rapidly growing, as well: implantable medical devices, which medical personnel surgically or other- wise insert into various parts of the human body. Zulki explains the extra measures required for these devices. 9 MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions Announces the Acquisition of Kester E MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solu- tions—a leader in the production of innovative materials used in semiconductor, circuitry, and electron- ics assembly—announced that it has acquired Kester from Illinois Tool Works Inc. J SMT Solver: Today's Soldering Options E If you have to deal with mixed- assembly boards with both surface-mount and through- hole components—as is the case today for more than 95% of electronic products—the selection of a soldering process becomes more complex, especially if you use both tin-lead and lead-free components on the same board. For the latest news and information, visit Subscribe to our newsletters or premium content at my I-Connect007. Ray Prasad Dr. Jennie Hwang Eric Camden Zulki Khan

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