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FEBRUARY 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 101 Table 2: Key competencies. Hire Talent Based on Desired Competencies Once you have defined a competencies framework and evaluated your workforce, the next step is to recruit and hire new employees by evaluating their competency level to this framework. This allows you to have an objec- tive and quantitative approach to your hiring strategy. Develop an interview worksheet that uses the competencies in the framework. Given the limited time during the interview time that you have with a prospective candidate, I sug- gest you select a minimum of 10 critical com- petencies that are most relevant to the position you are hiring for and assess your candidates with those selected competencies. SMT007 References 1. CGMA, "CGMA Competency Framework: 2019 Update," 2019. 2. S. Giles, "The Most Important Leadership Competen- cies, According to Leaders Around the World," Harvard Business Review, March 15, 2016. 3. Korn Ferry, "Korn Ferry Leadership Architect: Global Competency Framework—Research Guide and Technical Manual," 2014–2017. Alfred Macha is the president of AMT Partners. He can be reached at To read past columns or contact Macha, click here. Legend: Table 2 • Factor = Area of evaluation that consists of several competencies • Competency = Competency definition that will be assessed • Weighted value = The value given by the executive team to that competency 1. Low 2. Medium 3. High • Evaluation Score = The assessment value given to an employee for that competency 1. Not adequate 2. Adequate 3. Meets 4. Exceeds • Weighted score = Evaluation score * Weighted value

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