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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2020 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 121 as well as the limitations. There are also some suppliers here, so I'm shopping for suppliers to build my stuff for me. My boss likes to say, "We like the 'one throat to choke' approach." We're shopping for more companies that can be a one-stop shop for us and have good test equipment. _______________________ Lauren Byrge Marquis Exhibits, Account Executive Nolan Johnson: What does your company do, Lauren? Lauren Byrge: We design and fabricate group spaces for various clients on the show floor, so we're just visiting clients and checking out what IPC APEX EXPO is offering this year. Johnson: As an industry outsider, looking at this show and our industry, what are your impressions? Byrge: It's a lot quieter than I was expecting. I was thinking it would be really loud and in your face as an electronics show with lots of noise and loud machinery, but it's not like that. I feel like the crowd is pretty good. Every booth looks like it's buzzing. My impression of the electronics industry is good. The people are friendly and nice, and we enjoy working in this space. _______________________ Katie Carl Mission Hills High School, Teacher Kelly Dack: You're the teacher of about 30 students who are here for the IPC STEM Stu- dent Outreach Program, touring the show floor. We're doing a walking interview because we have to keep an eye on the students (laughs). What have the reactions of your students been? Katie Carl: They're all really interested. We have a wide range of students, so some have heard about and seen these types of technolo- gies, but others have not. It's really neat to see their responses. Dack: What are their ages and grades? Carl: Most of them are grades 10 through 12, so they're about 15–18 years old. Dack: Do you think you're planting any seeds of technology? Are we looking at future Elon Musks? Carl: Definitely. Again, we have a wide range of kids. All of them have some sort of interest in technology, which is why they wanted to come in general. It's neat when they start seeing how these technologies are created because a lot of them have seen robotics or have done a tiny bit of soldering with little circuits, but when they can see how those things are built and created in the industry, it makes it more appli- cable for them. Dack: Thanks for all you do as a teacher. Carl: Thank you. _______________________ Lance Davies Acroname, Director of Sales Nolan Johnson: So what are your impressions of the show? Davies: I think it's a fantastic show. The attend- ees walking the show are very representative of the electronics manufacturing industry and are from all different levels. It's fantastic. Johnson: What have you learned from talking to the customers this week? Davies: That we need to talk to more custom- ers, but that we are on the right path. I think

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