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148 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2020 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE Nolan Johnson spoke with keynote speaker Elaine Larsen, who led the Women in Elec- tronics Reception at IPC APEX EXPO 2020 in her presentation "A Chance Behind the Wheel in a Male-Dominated Industry." As a jet drag- ster world champion, Elaine also comes from a male-dominated field and looks to empower women of the electronics industry. In her keynote, Elaine shared her back- ground growing up Mennonite, and how that set the foundation for her work ethic and no- nonsense approach to her sport. A key to her story was her chance parking lot meeting with a man driving a pretty little deuce coupe as a young adult. That man became her boyfriend, and later, her husband. As a married couple, Elaine helped her husband get established in his trade, and then they turned their atten- tion as a team to Elaine's purpose in life. In that process, Elaine realized she wanted to try driving dragsters. In her first experiences, she learned she had a knack for—but most of all, a love for—the sport, and their husband-wife collaboration was born. While it is strongly implied that Elaine runs her team as a meritoc- racy, Elaine's crew is mostly female. Elaine's husband continues to oversee the building of the cars she races. Elaine's message to her audience was one of inspiration: Follow your dreams and passions, do not let gender be a barrier, and keep your- self wrapped in a support network that will lift you up and keep you going. Nolan Johnson: You just finished your keynote address at the Women in Electronics Forum, Elaine Larsen's Keynote: Motorsports and Mentoring

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