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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2020 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 7 sons being taught in the classroom and the lasting impact mentoring young engineers can have on everyone involved. We also provide an overview of this year's best technical papers and honorable mentions. A special addition this year is the I-Con- nect007 Good For the Industry award. I-Con- nect007 has bestowed this award only periodi- cally, when an individual's contributions are, well, good for the industry. This year, I-Con- nect007 honored 14 of our columnists for their ongoing efforts to impart their knowledge and expertise and drive conversation. Patty Goldman shares her interviews with the prestigious Dieter Bergman Fellowship Award recipients: Udo Welzel, Mike Carano, and Bhanu Sood. In my report on show takeaways, I share two main trends: solder and software. Pete Starkey captures the essence of the keynote presentation by aerospace engineer and aircraft designer Burt Rutan, and I share my conversa- tion with Dr. Kunal Shah from LiloTree, who speaks about "Reliable Nickel-Free Surface Finish Solution for High-Frequency HDI PCB Applications," which was recognized as this year's Best Technical Paper. Shifting gears, Barry Matties showcases IPC's Emerging Engineers Program, from the perspective of one participant, Jessie Vaughan. Then, Dan Feinberg posts his impressions of IPC APEX EXPO 2020. Last year, Dan called the 2019 edition "the best ever." This year, he makes his case for why the 2020 show out- performed 2019. Pete Starkey returns with his coverage of the I-Connect007-hosted event "An Evening of Pure Happy-ness." This invitation-only event, held Monday evening, put industry giants and emerging engineers alike in the same room with Happy Holden as the guest speaker. Happy entertained and educated, keeping the whole audience riv- eted as he told stories about growing up, work- ing in the early days of the industry, and devel- oping some of the processes we still use today. The IPC Innovation Awards results are next in line, followed by Patty Goldman's report. As an IPC Hall of Famer, Patty's observations are always insightful. Next in line is Tara Dunn, with her review of new developments and opportunities, featuring two new additions to the overall program. IPC's Tracy Riggan describes "Best Practices Highlighted at the 2020 IPC EMS Management Meeting." Then, Steve Williams shares his "Standout Conversations from IPC APEX EXPO 2020," and the I-Connect007 team brings you thoughts and impressions from attendees. Dan Beaulieu then describes the show as "A Great Big Global Party." In "And the Award Goes to…," we show- case the winners of the Corporation Recogni- tion Awards, IPC Rising Star Awards, and IPC President's Awards. Our congratulations to everyone recognized. From the IPC Govern- ment Relations office, Chris Mitchell shares his "Seven Takeaways from IPC APEX EXPO 2020." Next, we thank the IPC volunteers who tirelessly work to develop industry standards and much more. Don't miss the IPC APEX EXPO 2020 time-lapse right behind. We wrap up with an interview with Elaine Larsen, this year's Women in Electronics key- note speaker. Elaine is a jet-powered dragster driver, and her keynote had much to say about ignoring gender barriers and bias, as well as being a terrific inspirational speaker. Finally, the technical portion of IPC APEX EXPO doesn't run without submitted papers. Look for the IPC "call for papers" announcement. Overall, I-Connect007 wants to recognize the IPC team for all they have done not only to put on such an event but also for their ongo- ing and tireless assistance in producing this special edition. The teamwork and collabora- tion shown in this project is something that we greatly appreciate. Thank you. If you were in San Diego for this event, we're sure you'll feel the buzz of the place captured in this special edition. If you weren't there, we hope this edition gives you a sense of under- standing and excitement. See you next year! S&T Nolan Johnson is managing editor of SMT007 and PCB007 Magazines. Nolan brings 30 years of career expe- rience focused almost entirely on electronics design and manufactur- ing. To contact Johnson, click here.

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