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70 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2020 25. Technical reports: From time to time, tests done for compliance-related activity will be documented in a report. 26. Add-on qualification data reports will be sent to the qualifying activity when the test data is accepted by the TRB. Summary Please note that TRB membership, in gener- al, is in addition to the person's normal work- load. Such work occurs in the background of day to day activities and, as a result, offers lit- tle to no additional recognition. On the oth- er hand, the minute a site loses certification, these TRB members are thrown under an un- comfortable microscope. "Stop production" orders from the DLA oc- cur for various reasons—all of which are deemed to jeopardize the integrity of the cus- tomer's finished PCBs. Most often, such "stop orders" are the result of the DLA triannual site audit when major supply chain issues are dis- covered. DLA audits last three days with the "stop production" order effective immediately. The corrective action is never easy and usually takes months. Such a loss of certification/rev- enue usually lasts a minimum of six months and could easily stretch to 12. If your site's certification continues year af- ter year in what seems like a simple, on-going, non-crisis process, every member of your TRB deserves a hug and recognition for the conti- nuity of the site's military revenue stream. It's the simplest part of the company's risk man- agement plan. PCB007 Reference 1. Certification and Qualification Information for Manu- facturers (MIL-PRF-31032); DLA VQE-31032, Revision G, DTD, August 2013. Mike Hill is president of MIL-Q- Consulting LLC. He has been in the PWB fabrication industry for over 40 years. During that time, he partici- pated in specification writing for both IPC and the military. Past employers include ViaSystems, Colonial Circuits, and DDi. To read past columns or contact Hill, click here or email Milqconsulting@outlook.com. Frank Medina, president and CEO of Technica USA, introduces Harry Kok, international sales director at CB Tech, who explains the features of the CB Tech "Titan" direct imaging system, which has very high throughput capability with best- in-class registration consistently maintained from the beginning to the end of the batch. Click image to view this video. Consistent Registration: CB Tech's New Direct Imaging System

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