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APRIL 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 47 ucts at a lower cost and higher performance. SEMI members generated a survey to appreci- ate the needs, challenges, and potential solu- tions for security in the industry and its supply chain and gather more comprehensive input from the industry in terms of users, equip- ment and system suppliers, security experts, and security solution providers [9] . It is a top- ic that permeates many facets of manufactur- ing: equipment, tools, designs, process guide- lines, materials, etc. Processes continue to demand a significant level of security to mini- mize valuable know-how IP loss; this require- ment will generate the greatest amount of dis- cussion such as data partitioning, production recipes, equipment, and tool layout. A few key attribute needs for security are network seg- mentation [10] , physical access, and vulnerabil- ity mitigation. These security issues are not unique to mi- croelectronics manufacturing, and many of the issues go beyond manufacturing in gen- eral. The topic of security should reference the challenges and potential solutions across the manufacturing space. As an example, the IEC established an Advisory Committee on In- formation Security and Data Privacy [11] . It is suggested to collaborate with other standards and industry organizations that are developing general manufacturing security roadmaps by delineating specific microelectronics manufac- turing issues and focusing on common needs. Data Flow The development of a scalable architecture that provides flexibility to expand; connect across the edge, the fog, and the cloud; and integrate a variety of devices and systems gen- erating data flow streams is critical. A smart factory architecture may, for example, accom- modate the different verticals in the electronics manufacturing industry as well as companies in non-electronics manufacturing industries. As mentioned previously, different indus- tries seeking to deploy smart manufacturing technologies should leverage architectures that In this audio interview, Nolan Johnson gets an update from Dan Beaulieu, president of D.B. Management Group. Dan is a 40+ year veteran of the electronics manufactur- ing industry and has been an industry consultant for 25+ years. Dan Beaulieu: Adapting to New Methods at D.B. Management Dan shares an update on current business operations for D.B. Management, including how—like his clients—he may be at home, but it's still business as usual. Dan also offers his perspective on how our industry will weather and emerge from this challenging time.

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