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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 APRIL 2020 • FEATURE CONTENTS FEATURES: A Design Economics Primer Interview with Chris Young Design Economics: The Buck Stops Where? Interview with Kelly Dack A Design Economics Horror Story by Rick Hartley Design Economics With Optimum Design Associates Interview with Nick Barbin FEATURE COLUMNS: The Economics of Design by Andy Shaughnessy Understanding Dk Data Key to Cost-aware Design by John Coonrod You may have taken an economics course in school, but you probably won't find many classes on PCB design economics. Not to worry. This month, our experts delve into the economics of PCB design: the total cost of each design, a variety of methods for controlling costs at each stage, metrics that help designers and engineers track costs, when it's time to outsource a design, and much more. Design Economics 12 26 36 46 10 52 12 36 46

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