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APRIL 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 51 learn the EDA tools. Tools are always chang- ing, and designers generally get complacent in doing things in a particular way. I would ad- vise them to take a fresh look at the function- alities within the tools to see if there is a better way of doing something. Matties: Where are you based, Nick? Barbin: We're located in the Bay area in a small town 20 miles east of San Francisco and Oak- land called Pleasanton. Matties: We appreciate your time, Nick. This has been great. Barbin: Thank you all for the opportunity. DESIGN007 Matties: It sounds like you're doing a good job running your business; it's systems-based and data-driven. What's the best piece of advice you would give a young designer? Barbin: Dive into the books. Scott Nance is director of PCB layout, and he and Brendon Parise—one of our technology managers— wrote a book called A Practical Guide to RF and Mixed Technology Printed Circuit Board Layout. I give this book away to our custom- ers, but it is also available for sale through Amazon. We also put out many articles on the resource portal on our website regarding sub- jects that we're passionate about, whether it's a case study on HDI or how to implement DDR the correct way. You also have to continue to BYD Company Ltd. (BYD) and Toyota Motor Corpo- ration (Toyota) announced that preparations have pro- ceeded since they signed an agreement for the estab- lishment of a joint venture company to conduct research and development of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) on November 7, 2019, and registration of the new company has been completed. Operations are scheduled to com- mence in May 2020. The name of the new company is BYD TOYOTA EV TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. (BTET). Hirohisa Ki- shi from Toyota will serve as chairman, and Zhao Binggen from BYD will be CEO. New Chairman Hirohisa Kishi said, "With the engineers from BYD and Toyota working together under the same roof, we aim to develop BEVs that are superior in per- formance and meet the needs of customers in China by merging the two companies' strengths and also through friendly rivalry." Binggen added, "This joint venture company will focus on the research and development of battery electric ve- hicles with technology and know-how from both China and Japan. The company is committed to promoting and populating high-quality technologies that make battery electric vehicles more environmentally friendly, safe, comfortable, and intelligent. Our vision is to create a future customer-first mobility style and harmonious society for humans and nature." BYD and Toyota will work together to meet the diverse needs of customers by researching and developing BEVs that appeal to customers and promoting their widespread adoption and also hope to contribute to improving the environment in China. (Source: JCN Newswire) BYD, Toyota Launch BYD Toyota EV Technology Joint Venture to Conduct Battery Electric Vehicle R&D

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