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86 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 PCB manufacturers are needed to implement solutions with a combined suite of technology options—including rigid, rigid-flex, advanced materials, stiffeners, HDI, complex stack-ups, panelization, trace and space, HDI-specific la- ser microvias, stacked microvias, multilayer processing, sequential LAM processing, cover- lays, overlays, and mylar—all while producing a more reliable product and mitigate costs. In essence, we are making a huge shift in changing the legacy DNA of the PCB indus- try—such as the technology, service, engi- neering support, broad range of technolo- gies, ability to be flexible and nimble, many manufacturing capability options, cycle time offerings, and delivery capability. All indus- tries are feeling the same demands to catapult technology. Andra Keay Managing director of Silicon Valley Robotics "Embracing new opportunities for radical collective change." Many companies and manufacturers had too much invested in current processes to want to change things. But now, there's too much that they have invested in their businesses, and they can't afford not to change. That's the real difference right now. Until now, the cost of failure was too high. Today, the threat of fail- ure for companies is so high that they need to become more innovative. I think that means that those companies that are providing suites of services to a variety of companies will do quite well. The next trend is to have networks in place that can provide benefits for small operations that are immediately located in a whole range of different areas. There is a strong pull in tech- nology to follow the example of retail and move toward microfulfillment, which comes in many different offerings. To stay competitive, compa- nies know that they have to reshape manufac- turing, change their business model to engage in innovative logistics, and support collective networks to engage in smaller operations— especially for emerging hardware. FLEX007 MK Hicks is the co-founder of inFRONT Agency. She is a hardware engineer turned international marketer, layered with finance. EyeTech Digital Systems has launched FDA-registered EyeOn LifeLine—a potentially life-saving eye-tracking communication tablet for hospital ERs and ICUs—so that doctors, nurses, and caregivers can easily and quickly communicate with their critical COVID-19 patients who are unable to speak while confined to their hospital beds. The stand-mounted tablet faces the patient who simply looks at word squares to express pain level or a re- quest, and the tablet voices it through speakers for nurses and doctors. EyeOn LifeLine is ultra-portable, so it can be utilized with multiple patients during this pandemic to improve patient outcomes. EyeTech launched the EyeOn self-calibrating augmented and alternative communica- tion (AAC) device earlier this year for people with ALS, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, Rett Syndrome, traumatic brain injuries or stroke, as well as those on the autism spectrum. "As a long-time eye-gaze user with hand disabili- ties, I was devastated to see doctors and nurses not being able to communi- cate with ICU patients under a ventila- tor," EyeTech CEO Robert Chappell said. "If we can save one life, it will be a huge contribution. I just wish we had enough units to serve all the ICUs around the country." (Source: EyeTech Digital Systems) EyeOn LifeLine Deployed to Hospital ICUs to Combat COVID-19

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