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APRIL 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 89 5 DownStream: Smoothing out the Post-Processing Bumps E Joe Clark, co-founder of DownStream Technologies, gives Kelly Dack an over- view of the company and their innovative product line, which serves to smooth the bumps that can occur between source design output and manufac- turing line input. As Joe explains, 2019 was a great year for the company, and he expects that trend to hold through 2020. 6 IPC APEX EXPO 2020 Attendees Speak: Caleb Buck E "I am a PCB designer and an electrical engineer," said Ca- leb Buck of EaglePicher Tech- nologies. "I'm not involved in the manufacturing, but I tell manufacturers what to do via my drawings. I had an interest in learning more about the IPC standards, my manufacturer's capabilities, and some of the tools they use." 7 Ultra Librarian Announces UltraBOM for Digi-Key E Ultra Librarian, the world's largest free cloud-based CAD li- brary provider, an- nounced UltaBOM, enabling design engineers to search and re- search Digi-Key Electronics parts within Or- CAD® Capture, and then submit BOM parts di- rectly to Digi-Key for purchase. 8 Elementary, Mr. Watson: Are We There Yet? E Anyone who has taken a road trip with chil- dren knows the question, "Are we there yet?" very well. This question also applies to PCB design. If you are not careful, your PCB proj- ect could easily go off track, and you could lose sight of what you are doing (objective), why (motivation), how (process), and when (schedule). John Watson emphasizes the im- portance of these fundamental questions. 9 Publish Your Work, Become an Industry Leader E Andy Shaughnessy met with Bert Simonovich, founder of Lamsim Enterprises, to dis- cuss a new mentorship pro- gram and panel discussion at DesignCon, where veteran au- thors of technical papers mentor new authors through the process. Bert explained the bene- fits of publishing technical papers and shared Wayne Gretzky's advice for any engineers or technologists who are considering publishing their technical work. J Beyond Design: Interconnect Impedance E We know that transmission line drivers must be matched to the impedance of the line for the perfect transfer of en- ergy. Energy is never lost but rather transforms into other forms of energy. Barry Olney looks at why in- terconnect impedance is so important to the correct performance of the system. Joe Clark Caleb Buck Bert Simonovich Barry Olney

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