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APRIL 2020 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 11 Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology Produces PCBs for Ventilators The worldwide spread of the coronavirus is not only increasing the demand for personal protective equip- ment, but also for medical ventilators. In order to en- sure the supply in Germany, the German government has placed several orders for ventilators with different manufacturers at short notice—and this is where the PCBs from Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology (CBT) come into play. Würth Elektronik CBT produces PCBs for the manu- facturing of intensive care ventilators and mobile ven- tilators. "Thanks to our three production sites in Germany, we can supply the manufacturers of the ventilators with PCBs in a wide range of technologies at short notice," explains Thomas Beck, managing direc- tor of sales and market- ing. "We are in a position to accept orders at short notice, produce them smoothly, and deliver them reliably. As one of the lead- ing PCB manufacturers in Europe, Würth Elektronik CBT thus makes a valuable contribution to securing the supply chain in this medical emergency." In the three German plants in Niedernhall, Rot am See, and Schopfheim, all types of PCBs are manufac- tured in three shifts—from basic technologies to com- plex HDI PCBs and sophisticated flex-rigid boards. This strength now comes into its own, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the production sites have the necessary resources and materials to accept orders for system-relevant prod- ucts and manufacture them with the utmost care. To ensure that production at the German plants remains secure, strict protective measures and hygiene regu- lations were introduced and implemented for all em- ployees weeks ago. These will be adapted as required. (Source: Würth Elektronik) Nolan Johnson is managing editor of PCB007 Magazine. Nolan brings 30 years of career experience focused almost entirely on electronics de- sign and manufacturing.To contact Johnson, click here. is a weekly teleconference hosted by IPC— the Executive Forum. On this call, industry leaders and company executives share insights, pass along breaking information, and support each other. At I-Connect007, our role is to bring you news, information, and content you can use (and share). Updates on a rapidly unfolding chain of events that threatens how we do busi- ness while simultaneously calling upon us to work harder and faster than ever before to save lives simply deserve a call to "stop the presses" and cover the news. But that's not all we're bringing you. Form often follows function, so this month, you'll see a somewhat different arrange- ment for PCB007 Magazine. To respond to the situation, the I-Connect007 team changed our newsgathering processes. We shifted to short, focused audio interviews with industry leaders that we could deliver to you quick- ly and created the "Industry Leaders Speak Out" page. Here, we share select compa- ny statements that provide updates on how they are responding to the current and which we could distribute effectively. Other contrib- utors also pivoted to talk about the news at hand. And while you're sheltering and working from home, now might be a good time to brush up on something new you've been too busy to learn.. To help you with that, we've highlight- ed some of I-Connect007's eBooks that are cur- rently available for free download. What better opportunity than now to do a little self-taught cross-training or go deeper into a topic? This is the time to rethink anything and ev- erything related to processes. We see the world differently now. The COVID-19 outbreak has given us all the opportunity to restart, recover, and revamp. So, stop the presses and go a dif- ferent direction, indeed. PCB007

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