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104 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 our customers in the industry, which has been more on the high-mix, low-volume, high-mix, mid-volume are probably going to have to go into, and they're going to have to go into lower volumes, and more mix, which means again changeovers and that is always a hard transi- tion for anybody to go from low-mix, high-vol- ume to do a production with more changes. And if you want to keep the process intact and you want to make sure that the quality isn't impacted, you have to deploy smart manufac- turing solution, stuff around Industry 4.0 so we're going to work with our customers who want to do that to do more digitalization of the shop floor, and we'll probably have an op- portunity to engage with additional customers who until today didn't really have the need and who would work with us. It's probably not going to be an issue about capacity. I don't see capacity as such a big im- pact that for the first time as we come out of these lockdowns, but it's going to be an issue of how you're more agile, you can mix production and stuff like that. I think this type of epidemic has shown us that you have to be agile, and you have to be able to move production around be- cause just as China was going into lockdown, you wanted to move all the production away, maybe initially to Southeast Asia. Then as the coronavirus approached Malaysia, Thailand, you probably wanted to move it to Europe. Now, suddenly, you can't really manufacture in West- ern Europe, so you want to move it quickly back to China. But we know that even if you tried to, production environments are never identical. And so you need digitalization tools which allow you to quickly move these products be- tween the factories. I mean, I think our cus- tomers in the industry have to understand that these types of things can happen. And if you have five factories globally, you can probably continue capacity quite well if you have the ability to move the products between the dif- ferent factories in a very efficient way. If you don't have to repeat the NPI cycle, then you don't need to contact personally the different people because they might not be available for the first couple of days as they're migrat- ing from working in the office to working at home and stocking up on supplies, and stuff like that. I think we all have to understand that we need to deploy these types of digitalization solutions because we need to be more agile and be able to move the production globally as these things kind of transition through the dif- ferent countries and different continents. Matties: Oren, we certainly appreciate your in- sight and your time today, and we'll look for- ward to some future updates. Thank you very much for spending your time with us today. Manor: Thank you. PCB007 mal response times and at high levels of quality. In California, ZDI has configured operations to safe- ly protect employees as well as all customers to which services are provided remotely as usual. In Erode, In- dia Skyla has also reconfigured its operations to be in compliance with India's comprehensive business and social shut-down requirements. Importantly, all data security protocols remain solidly in place. Zero Defects International [ZDI] and its strategic partner, Skyla, announced measures taken to maintain and, as necessary, increase their PCB front-end en- gineering CAM service capabilities in response to de- mand from their North American customer base. Due to shelter in place restrictions, many companies are in need of extra CAM capacity to fulfill the demand for defense, aerospace, and medical products. According- ly, ZDI/Skyla will continue to provide services with nor- Zero Defects International and Skyla Providing Uninterrupted Cam Services

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