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108 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 Nolan Johnson speaks with Matt Stevenson, VP of marketing at Sunstone Circuits, who shares an update on the company's current level of business operations under COVID-19 restrictions. Stevenson confirms that Sunstone Circuits is classified as an essential function industry and provides a run-down of the HR policies and company culture changes to comply with social distancing and cleaning. The company continues to be open, available, and respon- sive to customers' potentially changing needs. Nolan Johnson: Hi. Nolan Johnson here for I-Connect007. I'm talking this afternoon with Matt Stevenson, director of marketing for Sun- stone Circuits, to talk about what's going on with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and how Sunstone Circuits is reacting to all of the changing situations. Matt, thanks for joining me. Matt Stevenson: Good to be here, Nolan. Thanks for the invite. Johnson: As always, you're welcome. Let's just start off with how the recently issued govern- ment orders for virus containment have affect- ed you and your business. As we're having this conversation, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has just issued an executive order doing a stay at home order, effectively, and shutting down non-essential businesses. How do you see that affecting you in Sunstone right now? Stevenson: Well, luckily, we've had about a week or so to kind of get ready for this an- nouncement. It was just a matter of time when Kate Brown was going to make that announce- ment. So over that week, we've been able to draft the two plans and learn from some of our key customers and key partners that we are in their supply chain as an essential part of their supply chain, some of our military customers, medical customers, et cetera. And as a result, we are actually classified as an essential busi- ness. So that being said, Sunstone will be operat- ing its manufacturing facility as per normal, as best as possible. Obviously, our employee health and our employee welfare being para- mount among those. As long as we're able to keep our employees healthy and unimpacted from the coronavirus, we will continue to op- erate our manufacturing facility as per normal. We will be taking a lot of our support-type Matt Stevenson on Sunstone Circuits' Current Operations Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007

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