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110 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 functions, customer support, marketing, etc., and probably running a lot of those remotely from home just to keep as many people out of harm's way and potential exposure risk as possible. And we've had to really up our clean- ing and social distancing practices over the last several weeks, mandating some cleaning schedules and some of the other things that are kind of requisite. We had to make a really big push that if you're sick, stay home. Sunstone has not al- ways enforced that rule quite so predominant- ly. But now, anybody that's showing any signs of illness is required to stay at home. We also have implemented some other social distanc- ing type things. We're no longer holding meet- ings. We've done a lot more video conferenc- ing. We actually had our first two interviews via video last week for an important hire that we have coming up. So, we're trying to do all the right things to keep our employees healthy and operate our business without too many negative impacts on it. Johnson: I'm just curious, Matt, where are you right now? Are you in the office, or are you working from home? Stevenson: I am in the office. Most of our ex- ecutive team has been out with illness or travel plans. So, as one of the senior members of the team, having an in-person resource is kind of the role that I've been filling over the last cou- ple of weeks. Johnson: You're holding down the fort. Stevenson: Exactly. With spring break coming, we have a vacation planned too, but we had to cancel our trip; however, we'll still be around. Johnson: Well, that just sets up the next ques- tion for you. What is the message, what are the updates that you are giving your custom- ers right now with all of this dynamic business environment? Stevenson: So, we are trying to portray to our customers that we are still open, that we are here to do any business that you may need. We're re- ally flexible in terms of requirements and cut- off times. We're trying to really work with our customers to help meet them where they need us, but we're also giving them the message that we're really concentrating on trying to keep our employees healthy, that we're doing all the right things out there to ensure that our employees, which is our number one asset, are healthy and aren't impacted by this pandemic. Johnson: Sure. And that's the most critical part. Is there any other message that you'd like to make sure that you share with the industry or colleagues in manufacturing? Stevenson: It's really just the humanistic aspect of it, that a lot of printed circuit board manu- facturers, we all consider ourselves competi- tors most of the time. During this time, it really humanizes everything, that when we come out of this, we all still want to have the same com- petitors. We don't want this type of reason to be why some of our competitors are no longer competitive in the business. We want to make sure that everybody gets through this okay and that we're all able to continue on with our business and our competition when we get through it. So, do whatever's necessary to keep your employees and your business safe. Johnson: Good. Matt, as we have this talk right now and in the process of all of this, what's your greatest concern? Stevenson: Obviously, the health of my fam- ily and the employees at Sunstone is really the So, we're trying to do all the right things to keep our employees healthy and operate our business without too many negative impacts on it.

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