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118 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 of the offer I made to our customers for free licensing. We had well over 250 customers request a license, and they are productive at home because of our ability to execute. I just want to make sure that everybody knows that whatever else they need from EMA, we're here to support you. Shaughnessy: Do you have any other message you'd like to share with vendors, suppliers, or anybody else in the industry? Marcano: The biggest message I can offer is we'll do whatever we can do within reason to help keep other people in business. As you're well aware, we've been a business for 30 years. There's been numerous ups and downs, and it's my customers that are my job security. I can help them get through this mess, and I'm sure that they'll remember and take care of us down the road. Shaughnessy: If you look out here, what would you say is your greatest concern right now? Marcano: The greatest concern is that this is going to continue for a long time and destroy our economy. In general, from a macro per- spective—and, obviously, from a personal per- spective—it's going to impact cash flow. We're in a fortunate position that we have critical mass, and we can sustain ourselves and take care of our employees. The longer-term—any- thing over 90–120 days—is going to be pretty painful for everybody. Shaughnessy: I think a lot of people would share that feeling. Is there anything else that you'd like to share with the industry? Marcano: As an undying optimist, I'm abso- lutely convinced that this too shall pass, and we will come out of it stronger; we'll thrive once this is resolved. Not only will EMA be stronger, but the economy will be stronger, and these things happen. It's a cycle, and we will certainly come out of it eventually. Shaughnessy: That's what I'm thinking. When this does end, it's going to be a rocket. I can't even imagine what the industry is going to do when this is all over. It's going to be positive. Marcano: Absolutely. From somebody in my position, we do the best we can in these cir- cumstances so that our customers can stay in business and our customers and engineers can continue being productive so that they can get their products to market. An interesting aspect is that there are lots of industries, especially medical, where new products will be innovat- ed. There will be all sorts of interesting things that come out of this. Like in any tragedy, there will be good to come from it. We will all sur- vive. What else I can offer the industry is this: My offer was to work with customers, but certain- ly if there's any design engineer who's in pain that we can help with a free license at home, feel free to communicate with EMA or me per- sonally, and we'll do whatever we can for any engineer—whether they're a current customer or not. Shaughnessy: Very good, Manny. I appreciate your time. Marcano: Thank you. PCB007 The biggest message I can offer is we'll do whatever we can do within reason to help keep other people in business.

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