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44 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 huge pickup in demand for certain grades of our material that are needed in a lot of these different medical devices. We are doing every- thing humanly possible, and having our teams across the globe work many days and shifts to provide this material as quickly as possible to those manufacturers to get the material in a place where they need it and when they need it. Matties: What advice would you give the in- dustry during these challenging times? Kelly: I wish I had great advice to give the entire industry. But one thing that we're focused on is understanding and constant communication with our employees. This is an unprecedented time in our history. We constantly remind one another that we have faced significant chal- lenges in the past. We will remain disciplined and vigilant in all that we do. One thing that we're focused on is our un- wavering focus on employee safety and en- gagement, and supporting our business part- ners, which means both our vendors and our customers to contribute in their own innova- tion and success. Once again, it's a very dif- ficult time for everyone—businesses and per- sonally. A lot of people are scared out there, so we focus on over-communicating with our constituents and trying to remain focused on the things and the items we can control. And that's one thing that I think has helped us be somewhat successful over the last several months—maintaining that focus on execution. Matties: Great. Travis, thanks for taking the time to help keep our industry well-informed today. We greatly appreciate that. Kelly: Thank you, Barry, and thank you for the opportunity. Matties: Once again, you have been listening to Travis Kelly, president and CEO of Isola. PCB007 virus task force consisting of management from various countries. This task force meets at least twice a week, de- veloping actions to combat this crisis. One of our main concerns is for social responsibility: the safety of our employees and communities. We began taking measures at the beginning in China and then roll- ing those measures throughout all our offices around the world. Precautions included requiring most of our employ- ees to work from home. NCAB Group does produce critical infrastructure and medical products, so we do still have some employees working onsite with quality and logis- tics, with additional precautions taken for them. On a positive note, we have seen the production at our Chinese factories increase back up to 80% capacity, and lead times are significantly improving. Again, we see com- munication as a helpful tool in managing through these difficult times. For further information on our actions, im- pacts, logistics, and more, please visit this page, which is updated at least once a week. As the coronavirus has taken hold of the world, the best thing we can do together is to be proactive, stay informed, and know there are some things we cannot control. The factories we work with, and our offices in China were affected by this situation first. It was a perfect storm of events. The Chinese Lunar New Year has been called the largest annual human migration in the world. Once it began to spread in China, people had already traveled across the country to be with their families and were un- able to travel back. As the virus spread throughout the globe, it became even more important than ever to continue to be proactive and stay informed. Internally, we have our own corona- NCAB Group Update: Supply Chain Situation Due to the Coronavirus

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