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JULY 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 101 5 Critical Manufacturing Appoints E-tronix Upper Midwest Representative E Critical Manufacturing, an ASM PT company, is pleased to announce the appointment of E-tronix as its manufac- turers' representative for the SMT and electronics assembly market in the states of Minne- sota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wis- consin, Illinois, and Indiana. 6 Indium Corporation Expert to Present During iNEMI Technical Session E Indium Corporation's Dr. Hong Wen Zhang, R&D Manager, Alloy Group, shared his indus- try expertise during the Inter- national Electronics Manu- facturing Initiative (iNEMI) Packaging Technology Integration Group (TIG) digital meeting on May 27. 7 Manncorp Assists Northwestern University's Efforts Against COVID-19 E In the fight against COVID-19, Manncorp is behind the scenes, help- ing keep things going. Even in this time of social distancing, Manncorp is still dedicated to helping establishments—especially those on the frontlines—by providing equipment and service for bringing production in-house. 8 Quest for Reliability: New Solder, Same Old Testing E Solder is inarguably one of the required building blocks for electronic assemblies and, apart from a few exotics, every assembly in the world has it. When it comes to meeting the lead-free requirement, opinions and histori- cal reliability data are not taken into consid- eration. Eric Camden explores testing and reli- ability related to solder. 9 Survey Results: Five Tips to Stay Safe at Work E Face masks, gloves, arrows on the floor, social dis- tancing, working in shifts, working remotely— our work environment has been vastly altered over the past three months. How has it affected you and the people around you the most? Are you open to these changes, or do you find your- self resisting the changes? Here are five power- ful tips for staying safe at work, according to the latest I-Connect007 survey responses. J Operational Excellence: Update Your Business Contingency Plan E With the unprecedented events with COVID-19, companies are facing worst-case scenarios and looking at ways to manage work stoppage or limited pro- duction for essential manufac- turing needs. Alfred Macha provides a practi- cal guideline to create or update your business contingency plan to help you manage your business during a crisis situation. Eric Camden Dr. HongWen Zhang Anthony Noto Alfred Macha For the latest news and information, visit Subscribe to our newsletters or premium content at my I-Connect007.

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