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JULY 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 55 Along with accountability, there is gover- nance involved in the transformation. I don't think you can have everything followed com- pletely voluntarily across an 8,000-person oper- ations organization. There have to be guardrails established as far as when we create a global standard of how a process is to be managed; it is not acceptable for a local plant to vary away from that because somebody designed what they believe is a better mousetrap, so they built and deployed it. That would not be what we want to happen. Now, we obviously want that ingenuity to surface, but we want those ideas to come to the attention of our global process owners—all of whom have global user groups constantly gathering feedback from the plants, engineers, associates, and supervisors—and they use that as the mechanism for evaluat- ing new ideas. But it is not acceptable for pro- cesses to run amok by trial and error from a local fashion, or we're pretty sure we'll revert back to where we were a decade ago with silos of execution and capability. Along with accountability, you need the right level of governance and control to ensure that what you developed in the way of global stan- dards remains capable and persistent, but not ever believed to be perfect. That's very impor- tant, too. You must have the humility to know there are always going to be things you can do differently or better. Strict governance should not suppress those opportunities; rather, it should encourage exploring them in a con- trolled fashion across your enterprise. If you do, really good results are bound to happen. Johnson: Bob, thank you for taking the time. Murphy: It's my pleasure. SMT007 Rockwell Automation's smart manufacturing journey began with humble beginnings. Coupled with IT analysts the standard footprint of their digitization journey was born. The benefits are endless. Learn how new technol- ogies and strategies can help to create a connected enterprise. Rockwell Automation: Learn More About Connected Enterprise

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