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JULY 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 65 Berntson encourages electronics manufacturing companies outside the central New York region to also participate in the pledge. Berntson offers a number of examples of unusual ways to reduce the viral spread and reminds us all that merely making new rules is not sufficient; finding ways to change habits and behaviors long-term is key. For more information on the pledge, click here. On May 20, Nolan Johnson spoke with Ross Berntson, Indium Corporation's president and COO, about the com- pany's response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Berntson details the company's work with a consor- tium of manufacturing businesses in central New York state, developing a manufacturing pledge to keep people safe and keep factories running. Indium Corporation has been one of the frontrunners in formalizing such proce- dures and in sharing lessons learned among all the par- ticipating companies. Ross Berntson: Indium Corporation's Pledge for Safe Resumption Post-COVID really well, and then people still don't want to change." Sometimes, you get someone who's reticent to try something new. I usually find that if you can get them to do one piece of the puzzle—at least on an experimental basis— even if it doesn't work perfectly, it makes it easier for the next steps. Try to get some prog- ress, and then that can be an initiation point for the crystallization of the change. Matties: Start small, share successes, and let them feel it. Then, it starts to become contagious. Berntson: The other approach is scarcity. Let's say you find an early adopter. The message might be, "We're going to do this over here, and we're not going to let any of you peo- ple do it." That perceived privilege creates a desire. Coworkers say, "What's going on behind that wall? What are you doing there? How do I get in on that?" That creates a little interest and the right mindset for changing. I'm giving you all my tricks on change man- agement (laughs). Matties: We appreciate that. Thanks for talking with us, Ross. Berntson: My pleasure. SMT007

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