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Page 70 of 113 PulseForge ® Soldering on Low Temperature Substrates: Enabling Flexible Hybrid Electronics PulseForge ® Soldering enables the soldering of standard lead-free solder pastes on low-cost, temperature-sensitive substrates such as paper and PEN in milliseconds. HOW IT IS BETTER HOW IT WORKS Pulses of high intensity light replace reflow ovens – heating solder to its liquidus temperature in milliseconds, without damaging underlying substrates Solder paste is heated indirectly through a light-absorbing layer and components High-contrast ratio absorption between layers allows for selective heating Facilitates soldering onto low-cost, flexible, thermally sensitive substrates, including PET, PEN, paper, TPU, and fabric Works with conventional lead-free solders like SAC305 Simultaneously solders commercial electronic packages over a wide area Meet our newest system, PulseForge ® Invent » Learn more about our technology »

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