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100 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 machines are obvious—such as the low power usage and long service life of the light source— but without good process results, there is no way forward. If you are concerned about the ongoing availability of vapour lamps, then perhaps the future is a little brighter when it is lit with UV LEDs. PCB007 Marc Ladle is a director at Viking Test Ltd. To read past columns or contact Ladle, click here. The significance of this result is that the LED machine has the potential to be fitted directly to the end of the solder mask developer, greatly simplifying the process route. The component ident will still adhere well to the panels. When processed with the vapour bulb, the panels have to be notated after developing and then run through the UV bump as a separate stand- alone operation. I spoke again to the ink supplier after the tests had been completed, and he told me they were very impressed with the results. In all tests, the LED machine performed well and achieved a good level of cure. For all parties involved, this was certainly a big step forward. Some of the potential advantages of LED-based On July 1, 2020, the USMCA trade act (United States- Mexico-Canada Act) phased in as a trade agreement guid- ing economic trade and growth in North America. Nolan Johnson spoke with both Shawn DuBravac, IPC's chief economist, and Chris Mitchell, IPC's vice president of global government affairs and an I-Connect007 colum- nist, about the impact of USMCA on North American elec- tronics manufacturing. DuBravac and Mitchell use the automotive industry as just one example of how the electronics manufacturing networks in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are interwo- ven. They discuss the interaction between pre-existing market forces, such as tariffs and the coronavirus, and the intended goals of the USMCA. Together, DuBravac and Mitchell outline not only the competing forces at play but IPC's ongoing work to facilitate stronger regional economics in North America. Click here to read the full transcript of this audio interview. IPC: Shawn DuBravac and Chris Mitchell on USMCA

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