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SEPTEMBER 2020 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 41 when you place the call to the target customer, they already know who you are. Reach out to them via mail, or write a comprehensive and interesting series of short newsletters to your complete lead list. My favorite thing to do is to send them a let- ter with your real signature in one of those $3 post office express letters that look important. And whatever you do, always write out the ad- dress by hand. Who can resist opening a hand- addressed FedEx-looking envelope? It will sit on their desk, screaming to be opened. Follow these suggestions, and the target ac- count will know you who you are. Be careful: Anyone who lists all the reasons these methods will not work is calling them- selves out as a poor salesperson. 4. Prepare the Right Message Chances are very good that you will get voicemail. Be prepared for this. Come up with a provocative message to get the person to call you back. There are many books with advice on how to create the right message and turn voicemails into opportunities. Buy one and read it. It will be worth your time and effort. Be careful: Anyone who says that cold calling does not and will not work anymore is calling themselves out as a poor salesperson. 5. Follow Up If you are still not getting anywhere, send the person a personal letter and an engraved invitation. Better yet, and as scary as this may seem, do a live cold call. Walk into the lobby, ask for them, and if they are too busy to see you, leave a beautifully-engraved invitation. Make sure that the invitation includes an at- tractive offer to do business with you, such as a discount off the first order or something simi- lar that fits your particular needs. Surveys in- dicate that it costs over $10,000 to get a new customer, so you can certainly discount a few hundred dollars to shortcut the process. Do it! Be careful: Anyone who nixes this idea based on the 2% of their customers who cannot take a discount gift, while the other 98% of their cus- tomers will take it, is calling themselves out as a poor salesperson. Conclusion By following my plan as outlined, your com- pany will establish expert technology leader- ship in your marketplace. Not only will your customer know you, but will want to do busi- ness with you. After all, you're the experts when it comes to your technology. And remember those fish? By doing all of these things, you will have thousands of fish jumping into your boat. This will result in successful sales calls, growth, and new customer acquisition, as well as lead to more sales and revenue, which is what you wanted all along. PCB007 Dan Beaulieu is president of D.B. Management Group and an I-Connect007 columnist.

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