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32 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 Feature by Jeff Demmin KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES 1. Summary Semiconductor Roadmap History Most people in the semiconductor indus- try are familiar with the International Tech- nology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), which provided guidance for the industry starting in 1991 (as the National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors). As the bene- fits of Moore's Law became more difficult and more expensive to achieve, the organization decided to publish a final version in 2016. The baton was handed to the Heterogeneous Inte- gration Roadmap (HIR), with the realization that heterogeneous integration—assembling different types of devices rather than mono- lithic fabrication—is an important enabler for continued progress in the semiconductor industry [1] . The aerospace and defense segment of the semiconductor industry has unique needs in terms of technology, security, supply chain, and lifecycle. Heterogeneous integration is a critical technology that intersects all of these challenges, so the HIR organization identi- fied aerospace and defense (A&D) as one of the topics to have a chapter and a technical working group (TWG) that specifically tar- gets the unique requirements of aerospace and defense. The HIR identifies challenges in 5-, 10-, and 15-year horizons and provides guid- ance on how to meet those challenges. This is, of course, a perpetual work-in-progress and will be updated as capabilities move forward and new requirements arise. Initial Scope The initial version of the A&D chapter pub- lished in 2019 is focused largely on challenges and requirements for the U.S. Aerospace and Defense Industry. The intent of the HIR is to create a document that provides guidance that is useful to the semiconductor community around the world, so the U.S.-centric view- point should be seen as just the starting point for this work. There are certainly many tech- nical challenges that are pervasive throughout the international A&D industry, such as reli- ability, bandwidth, thermal management, radi- ation hardening, long product development cycles and lifetime, and supply chain secu- rity, so much of the content can be generalized beyond the U.S. aerospace and defense indus- try. Future revisions of this chapter will reflect that broader scope. The Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap for Aerospace and Defense

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