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66 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 to reduce splattering using reflow profiles, and the development of a solder paste with low splattering occurrence. Most of the flux splattering in conventional solder paste occurs immediately after the melt- ing of the solder. To suppress flux spattering, increasing preheating temperature and time was effective in reducing volatile components during reflow soldering. But the deterioration of melting property and reduced process win- dow during soldering would be of concern. The work showed that the developed Paste C enables the suppression of flux splattering through a capping effect of flux residue with- out the need for selecting a different reflow profile, which could cause other issues. Paste Product C also had good general print- ing and soldering properties and can be used for sensor and camera modules in ADAS and IoT applications, as well as others. SMT007 References 1. "Low-Splattering Solder Suppresses Occurrence of Flux Splatter," productronica, AEI, 2017. Editor's Note: Originally titled "Development of Low Flux Splattering Solder Paste for Sensor and Camera Module Applications" and distributed at the International Confer- ence for Electronics Enabling Technologies in Markham, Ontario, June 5–7, 2018. Jasbir Bath is a support advisory engineer with Koki Solder America in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shantanu Joshi is an engineering sales manager with Koki Solder America in Cincinnati, Ohio. Noriyoshi Uchida is assistant general manager of the Research and Devel- opment Division with Koki Company Limited in Tokyo, Japan. Real Time with… SMTAI: KYZEN KYZEN Executive Vice President Tom Forsythe shares company updates on stencil cleaning with Nolan Johnson. KYZEN recently announced its newest stencil cleaning product—KYZEN E5631. Forsythe details how the product is best used, as well as the benefits it brings to maximizing stencil life and improving manufacturing yields. (View more at Real Time with… SMTAI 2020 virtual.)

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