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40 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2021 Feature by Matt Walsh SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES SOFTWARE Electronics companies are always under great pressure to continually grow and inno- vate. In addition to navigating ever-accelerat- ing design cycles, they must also address and overcome generational complexities asso- ciated with their products, the underlying components they use, and the human capital accountable for delivering on time and on bud- get. Electronics firms can ill afford the time and resource inefficiencies associated with manu- ally correcting design errors, poor library data integrity, or other inconsistencies leading to missed deadlines or even costly re-spins. e quality of eCAD libraries—or, more specifically, the quality of the underlying logi- cal and physical models—plays a pivotal role in stemming the challenges of delivering a success- ful electronics product to market. In fact, the eCAD library affects every process from PCB layout to PCB manufacturing and assembly. e Siemens PartQuest cloud-based applica- tion is a gateway to a large collection of compo- nent technical content for electronics design. is addresses five critical factors relative to best-in-class PCB library solutions: 1. High-quality eCAD model content. 2. Symbol and footprint creation. 3. Library management. 4. Standards. 5. Integration with Xpedition and PADS Professional. In October 2020, Siemens released the Part- Quest Vault, consisting of eCAD models (sym- bols and footprints) for over 1 million parts. ese pre-made models are entirely created, validated, and maintained by Siemens. A rules engine consisting of validation logic and thou- sands of checks are run against model content to confirm construction correctness, which provides end-customers with peace-of-mind when using this content. Further, the Vault is parametrically or keyword searchable, which simplifies the identification of the precise part to meet a product design's requirements, and the Vault is expected to contain 100 million parts by the end of 1QCY21. Managing Footprints with Integrated EDA Tools

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