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110 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 1 Fresh PCB Concepts: Does the Assembly Process Damage a PCB? (Part 1—Soldering) E Every time a printed circuit board is exposed to soldering temperatures it is damaged. is is the case not only for lead-free soldering applica- tions but also for eutectic sol- dering consisting of tin-lead. 2 Design Circuit: IPC-2231A— Insights from the IPC 1-14 DFX Subcommittee E In mid-2019, IPC released IPC-2231, DFX Guidelines, a comprehensive guide for establishing best practice methodology in developing a formal DFX (design for excellence) process for laying out printed boards and assemblies. 3 Rising Star Award Winner: Radu Diaconescu E Last year's IPC APEX EXPO seems to have taken place in a different world. Back then, were a lot of things that we had no clue that we didn't know. e concept of "knowing what you don't know" or figuring out the areas where one lacks knowledge is probably as important as acquiring the knowledge itself. 4 Siemens Introduces PCBflow E Siemens introduced PCBflow, an inno- vative cloud-based soft ware solution which bridges the g a p b e t w e e n t h e electronics design and manufacturing ecosys- tems. David Duross Radu Diaconescu

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