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110 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 1 DFM 101: PCB Materials E One of the biggest challenges facing PCB designers is under- standing the cost drivers in the PCB manufacturing pro- cess. is article is the first in a series that will discuss these cost drivers (from the PCB manufacturer's perspective) and the design decisions that will impact product reliability. 2 All Systems Go! EM Analysis for Today's System-Level Designs E ere are two main reasons to do EM analysis: to see if the signals in the design will meet your performance specifica- tions, and to see whether the design has unintended EM interactions in the circuit or system. Since domain-level requirements vary, not all EM solvers are the same. 3 Connect the Dots: A Closer Look at Surface Finish E e final surface finish of a PCB is an important consid- eration. is coating between your components and the bare board is applied to ensure sol- derability and protect any exposed copper circuitry. Selecting the right type of surface finish can be daunting, and for good reasons. 4 Standard of Excellence: Dare to Share E We oen talk about the value of working closely with your vendors to the point of making them partners. is strategy makes sense. e closer you are to your vendors, the more you help them, the better vendors they will be, and most importantly the better partners they will be. Now let's take that idea to the next level, all the way to the point of a true partnership. Anaya Vardya Brad Griffin Matt Stevenson

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