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12 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 Heidi Barnes is a senior appli- cations engineer for high-speed d i g i ta l a p p l i c a t i o n s i n t h e Design Engineering Soware Group at Keysight Technolo- gies. She holds five patents, and she's authored over 20 papers on signal and power integ- rity. Among other accolades, Heidi has been awarded NASA's Silver Snoopy and named DesignCon's 2017 Engineer of the Year. Eric Bogatin is a high-speed d e s i g n i n s t r u c to r a n d a n adjunct professor at the Uni- versity of Colorado–Boul- der in the ECEE department. Known as a "signal integrity evangelist," Eric is the dean of the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integ- rity Academy. He's written six books on signal integrity and interconnect design and over 300 papers. An engaging speaker, Eric is known to toss candy bars to class attendees who answer questions correctly. Stephen V. Chavez is a senior- level CID+ PCB designer with 30 years of experience, and president of the Printed Circuit Engineering Associa- tion (PCEA). He is also an IPC Master Instruc- tor Trainer (MIT) for IPC's CID and CID+ programs. A veteran of the Marine Corps, Ste- phen has spent the last 10 years as the lead PCB designer with a major aerospace company. For our "Ask the Experts" issue, we asked our readers to send in their questions for our team of veteran PCB designers and design engineers. ere were no real rules here; ques- tions could be about any topic related to PCB design. Readers responded with a list of questions that ran the entire gamut, from DFM through signal integrity and much, much more. Most were technical design questions, but a few readers asked about issues such as the supply chain, the future of design education, and replacing those designers and engineers who are busily planning their retirement. We'd like to thank our experts for sharing their thoughts, insights, and opinions with the industry. We would also like to thank the designers and design engineers who sent in their questions. We depend on input from readers like you to help keep us on top of the topics and trends in PCB design. All the experts featured in this issue are listed here for easy reference. We hope you enjoy our "Ask the Experts" special feature. Designers are hungry for this knowledge, and we're happy that we could help them get the answers they need to do their jobs better.

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