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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 MORE EXPERT ANSWER TOPICS Dimensions on Drawing Required Designing 10–12 Layer Stackups Fabricators Not Sharing Capabilities Weak Microvia Workarounds; Capacitor Lead Time Retiring Engineers and Attracting New PCB Designers Interpreting Data Sheets for Heat Dissipation FEATURE COLUMN Ask the Experts—PDN Filters by Istvan Novak FEATURE ARTICLE Meet the Experts EXPERT ANSWER TOPICS Skip Vias Tying Vias to Ground and Power Planes Class 3 and Annular Rings for DFM Copper Flooding Crosstalk Stackup Options Electrical Engineering Curriculum With Fabrication Process Solid Reference Planes or Not Skew from Fiber Weave Effect JULY 2021 • FEATURE CONTENTS This month, we put your burning questions to our team of PCB designers and design engineers: Lee Ritchey, Carl Schattke, Rick Hartley, Heidi Barnes, Stephen Chavez, Eric Bogatin, Cherie Litson, Chris Young, and Happy Holden. The entire issue is packed with answers to questions that design- ers like you are wrestling with right now. Enjoy! ASK THE EXPERTS 62 70 72 75 76 78 82 12 14 20 26 28 34 36 37 48 50

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