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JULY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 47 solidify that in parallel. What happens is we go faster than they thought, and then it becomes unpleasant for them. "How come you got all this work done? I wasn't ready for block three and block four. I had to do it this way." If they communicated that early on, we would not have gone to those. It's running fast but in a very defined way. So that is very important to really know which prints you are running in which box and to communicate up front. It goes back to very classic communication, and people say we know it, but we see that happen- ing repeatedly most of the time. When they get an additional tab of ours, it's because of changes they made, and that unpleasantness always comes up, "Why did you go so far ahead of this? I had to redo this." "Well, you asked us, you gave us a green light, and we started running fast." Now, we have a lot of experience, so we quickly try to gauge where the customer may still be making up their mind, and we try to not exercise the horsepower in some of those areas. But still, if you're not communicating, that may happen. at's another thing for OEMs to watch out for. Matties: Dan, do you have any closing thoughts? Williams: I think that paints a proper picture of what we have going on here, and it's a complete one-stop: get your design done, get your pro- totypes done, brought up, and tested. e only part that we don't produce is the printed circuit board. Kind of like the Rouge plant in Detroit that made the whole automobile except for the rubber tires. at's the Whizz story. Irfan: Also, we can start them here in the Val- ley, protect their IP, and give them paths to cost reduction to our own factory in Malay- sia. It's nice for customers to know that, even though we're a small company, we have a size- able operation here in Silicon Valley, and we can build decent volumes out of our Malay- sia facility. So, they know that it's our own factory. Matties: What sort of volumes are you building in Malaysia? Irfan: In Malaysia, we're building a new fac- tory there. We will have another 80,000 square foot facility there in another four months, so the process has already started. Product that requires maybe 50,000 to a 100,000 boards or systems a year is a good fit for Malaysia. Any- where from a few hundred a month to tens of thousands a month, that's Malaysia. Matties: at's great to have that as an option for your customers. It just furthers their con- fidence. Williams: ank you. W e're excited about where we are today. Matties: Gentlemen, we greatly appreciate your time today and hearing what you're doing and your insights. Irfan: Sounds good. Thank you. DESIGN007 Visit Whizz Systems online at:

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