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74 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 companies eager to get ahead and survive in today's industry. Heidi Barnes: e correct answer is that you need to ask both the engineer and the fabrica- tor. ere are always conflicting trade-offs and it would be a rare case where someone is an expert at both. Chris Young: is is an opportunity to ask a broad range of questions to a group of people that col- lectively have a massive breadth and depth of experience. ese people have business rela- tionships spanning decades that have generated millions, if not billions, of dollars in PCB fab- rication and assembly revenues. If there is an answer to be had, these people can find it. Rick Hartley: I don't know who your fabrica- tors are, but I've never had trouble getting answers from the fabricators we used when I was employed full time. Maybe you need to encourage your company to switch fabrica- tors. Good fabricators (and assembly CMs) know that working closely with the customer benefits everyone. Carl Schattke: In my experience, fabricators will share their Valor setups if the business case presents an opportunity for them. Almost all vendors will answer questions about improving yields and what can make that happen. Over- whelmingly, I find PCB vendors really are will- ing partners to work with us on making a better product. As we succeed, they succeed. DESIGN007 In this latest title from I-007eBooks, readers will learn how system-level analysis of complex and high-speed electronic designs is critical to solve electromagnetic, electrothermal, and electrome- chanical simulation challenges and to ensure that the system works under wide-ranging operating conditions. According to signal integrity expert Lee Ritchey, founder and president of Speeding Edge and author of Right the First Time: A Practical Handbook on High-Speed PCB and System Design: "Author Brad Griffin offers readers a very good explanation of system-level analysis of complex and high-speed electronic designs. I highly recommend this book for those who are getting started with the design of PCBs and systems that are used in data centers." Download your free copy today! You can also view other titles in our full library. The System Designer's Guide to… series is spe- cifically dedicated to educating the printed circuit and systems design sectors and serves as a valu- able resource for people seeking the most relevant information available. We hope you enjoy The System Designer's Guide to… System Analysis: Electromagnetic Interference and Thermal Analysis of Electronic Systems. For more information, contact: Barb Hockaday I-Connect007 eBooks +1-916-365-1727 (GMT-7) New I-007 eBook Highlights System Analysis

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