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98 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 Regular readers might recognize that I have been writing for I-Connect007 since its incep- tion and prior to that wrote for CircuiTree Magazine, which is its direct lineage ancestor founded in the 1980s. e staff has always been tolerant of my sometimes-off-the-wall digres- sions from the strictly technical commentaries to provide a different perspective, to hopefully make the technical a bit more understandable and appreciated. I am taking liberty here to do so once again and repeat the presentation of a delightful poem shared with readers many years ago. e poem was written by Sam Walter Foss, a late 19th to early 20th century New Hampshire librarian and poet with great ability to bestow The Calf Path— Redux life lessons with humor, humanity, and humil- ity. One such poem is "e Calf Path." When I first read the poem many decades ago, it immediately struck me with its simple yet profound wisdom, which I trust the reader will appreciate as well. Since that fortunate discovery, the poem has oen informed my conscious thinking (and unconscious thoughts as well, I am sure) especially when it comes to inventions and inventing. We are all creatures of habit and convention. Habits can be good things, making life more predictable and eas- ier to navigate. However, our habits can also blind us, constrain our thinking, cause us to miss opportunities, and even lead us astray. It is important to look up and look around from Flexible Thinking by Joe Fjelstad, VERDANT ELECTRONICS

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