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84 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2021 Introduction Good leadership always makes a difference; unfortunately, so does bad leadership. is lead- ership truth continues as we will be talking about the seventh, eighth, and ninth of John Maxwell's "21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership." Respect Must Be Earned Many people, when first put in a manage- ment role, think that now that they have some power and a title, respect also comes with the deal. "I'm the boss so my people must respect me, right?" ese same people very quickly discov- er just how wrong they are. I have stressed nu- merous times while discussing the earlier laws that the title does not make the leader; the leader makes the title. People don't follow oth- ers by accident; they follow individuals whose leadership they respect. Looking in the mirror, ask yourself these five questions: 1. Who chooses to follow me? 2. Does the answer reflect my perceived leadership level? 3. Will people respond positively if I request a commitment or change? 4. Do I have the qualities as a leader that earn respect? 5. Do those closest to me respect me? If your answer to all of these is a resounding yes, then you are well on your way to becom- ing a great leader. If you answered no to any of them, fear not. Respect can be earned. e six steps to earning respect are very sim- ple, but as with most things the devil is in the execution: Step 1: Have respect for others. People won't respect someone who does not respect them. Step 2: Courage. Have the courage to do the right thing, not the easy thing. Step 3: Success. People naturally like to follow winners. Step 4: Consistency. Nothing comforts peo- ple more than demonstrating consistency in everything you do as a leader. Step 5: Add value to others. As we are learn- ing throughout the 21 laws of leadership, helping others succeed is the fastest way to our own success. Leadership 101— The Laws of Respect, Intuition, and Magnetism The Right Approach by Steve Williams, THE RIGHT APPROACH CONSULTING Figure 1.

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