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60 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2021 Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team For this issue on PCB design education, we knew we had to speak with Judy Warner, direc- tor of community and industry engagement for Altium. Judy has been heavily involved with Altium's educational programs, including the technical presentations for their annual confer- ence, AltiumLive. e I-Connect007 Editorial Team asked Judy to discuss Altium's educational plans going for- ward, specifically AltiumLive's transition back to live, in-person shows soon to be offered in a new hybrid format. Andy Shaughnessy: Great to talk to you, Judy. We're discussing PCB design education and training. Would you give us an update on the next AltiumLive show? Judy Warner: For AltiumLive, we were planning to go 100% virtual again this October, but for a variety of reasons, we did not do that. We've pushed AltiumLive out to January 2022 and we'll be co-locating the show with IPC APEX EXPO in the San Diego Convention Center. Shaughnessy: at's a smart idea. It makes it easier for media to cover both shows. Nolan Johnson: Definitely. I can't help noticing that IPC has been looking for a way to include designers in this whole conversation. You bring a critical mass of designers, and this addresses one of the larger issues we oen discuss of get- ting designers to really understand what hap- pens on the manufacturing floor. Shaughnessy: Judy, how would you describe Altium's philosophy toward design education? How does this tie in with AltiumLive? Warner: Overall, design engineers are at the heart of this work. Obviously, our end goal is to create and sell powerful soware solu- tions that help design engineers to succeed. If they're not fully succeeding, then we need to step up as industry leaders to fill those gaps. We can create the best tools in the world, but if Unfolding Altium's Design Education Platforms

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