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AUGUST 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 65 Warner: ey're brilliant. Shaughnessy: I wonder: Do they have differ- ent expectations when they go to a conference or trade show? Is it any different teaching to them? I wonder if it's like they say about EDA soware: When millennials buy soware, they want it to work right out of the box. Warner: Well, when you think about it, these students are digital natives. Unlike us, they've grown up on the internet using soware. Using technology is like breathing for them, so we're just trying to stay a step ahead of that with tools that have an intuitive and appealing user inter- face that works like the soware and games they grew up on. I think education is going to be the same way. It's an Amazon world, and it's a Google world. At AltiumLive, we brought all the experts and sound technical training. But then we also brought robot battles and connected the old pros to the young engineers. It was a hoot to watch two designers in their 20s—one from Uber, one from Ly—talking to Carl Schattke from the largest EV company in the world. He brought out his Mylar tape-ups to a cocktail reception; it just blew their minds, and they loved it. ey loved it because they had no idea where we came from, because they grew up with the internet and screens. Shaughnessy: Is there anything else you want to mention that maybe we haven't talked about? Warner: One thing I didn't mention, as far as resources go, is our massive collection of tech- nical content available on our resource page——which has thousands of blogs, including some by industry thought- leaders, designers, and some of our own video content. Shaughnessy: It's been great talking with you, Judy. I'm looking forward to some live trade shows. Warner: Great talking to you, Andy. DESIGN007 Recently, researchers from the Republic of Korea have found that embedding manganese selenide anodes in a 3D carbon nanosheet matrix is an inno- vative, simple, and low-cost means of reducing dras- tic volume expansion while improving the energy density of these batteries. Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), which are a renewable source of energy for electrical devices or electric vehicles, have attracted much attention as the next- generation energy solution. However, the anodes of LIBs in use today have mul- tiple inadequacies, ranging from low ionic electronic conductivity and structural changes during the charge/ discharge cycle to low spe- cific capacity, which limits the battery's performance. In search of a better anode material, Dr. Jun Kang of Korea Maritime and Ocean University, along with his colleagues from Pusan National University, Republic of Korea, has designed an anode that, owing to its unique structural features, overcomes many of the existing barriers of anodic efficiency. The team is excited about the potential implica- tions of their accomplishment. As Kang explains, "Using a conducive filler scaffold, we have devel- oped an anode that boosts the battery performance while simultaneously allowing reversible energy storage. This strategy can serve as a guide for other transition metal selenides with high surface areas and stable nanostructures, with applications in storage sys- tems, electrocatalysis, and semiconductors." (Source: Korea Maritime and Ocean University) 'Wrapping' Anodes in 3D Carbon Nanosheets: The Next Big Thing

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