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56 PCB007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2021 Feature Survey by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 As many of you know, we sur vey our I-Connect007 readers frequently so that we can keep on top of the issues and challeng- es that are affecting you every day. According to our surveys, DFM issues continue to be problematic for PCB designers, design engi- neers, and fabricators alike. is issue of PCB007 Magazine focuses on DFM from the fab point of view, but it's in- structive to understand what designers are dealing with as well. In a recent Design007 survey of PCB designers and design engi- neers, fully one-third of respondents pointed to DFM issues as their greatest current chal- lenge (Figure 1). Each time we survey our readers, the com- ments always tell the real story. Here are the DFM SURVEYS: The Readers Speak top 15 comments we received as replies to the question, "What is the biggest PCB design challenge that you or your company deal with regularly?" Comments are edited lightly for clarity. • How to handle different offshore vendors who can't get the same material specified on the layer stack-up • Rushing to production • DFM for HDI • Manufacturing optimization is oen rare • DFM rules are hard to comply with due to ever-decreasing board size and most of the time the violations are concentrated at component spacing • DFM combined with strict HDI designs • DFM, DFA, DFT and footprint libraries • Fabs overpromising in terms of schedule and capabilities • Not taking time to perform design analysis up front • Getting complete and correct part data into our systems • Lack of communication between designer and EMS provider during initial design and layout • Manufacturing issues with solder mask • Dumb mistakes, e.g., mirrored connectors • Demystifying fab notes • Time to market limits DFM, DRC e I-Connect007 Research Team regular- ly solicits your feedback, which is vital in help- ing us create content that is both relevant and timely to our industry. We appreciate your time in responding to surveys and providing comments as needed. PCB007 Figure 1: One-third of respondents named DFM issues as their biggest problem, tied with signal integrity/EMI and "other," which includes primarily supply chain issues, form factor updates, cost, and EDA tool issues.

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