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62 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2021 Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team Luminovo founder Sebastian Schaal says his company is using its experience as an AI pro- vider to help implement LumiQuote, a new EMS RFQ soware tool. Sebastian explains how LumiQuote helps cut down the waste in the BOM process and friction between OEM and EMS providers, and gives designers the EMS data they need earlier in the design pro- cess so they can make more informed deci- sions. Barry Matties: Sebastian, tell us about your company. What is your mission? Sebastian Schaal: e mission at Luminovo is to rethink how printed circuit boards and elec- tronic products are brought to life, from be- ing an idea to reaching the market-readiness stage. Our approach to this is building soware that makes these processes faster, cheaper, and more effective. More specifically, we are concentrating on the processes between PCB designers and EMS providers, shiing the skewed knowledge distribution and prevent- ing the costly decisions that are made at the various stages based on missing information. Taking a step back, the biggest issue we see with the current product design process- es is an asymmetry of knowledge in the value chain. Looking at typically occurring down- stream design implications, the PCB designers only have about 20% of the knowledge when it comes to the actual manufacturing, while they are responsible for 70% of the costs. Most of the knowledge is usually held by the EMS pro- viders, where it is stuck in disconnected legacy tools and manual workflows. is brings us to our solution to build a tool that supports EMS providers in digitizing their workflows today, so that we can encapsulate and distribute that knowledge along the value chain and ultimate- ly make it accessible for designers at the point when they make these potentially costly down- stream decisions. Based on this thinking, we have developed our first product over the past year and recent- ly launched it for selected customers. Our RFQ Luminovo Cuts BOM Waste, Improves OEM/EMS Communication

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