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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2021 FEATURE INTERVIEWS PCB Design: Where Art and Science Intersect with Charles Pfeil, Barry Olney, and Bill Brooks Field of Dreams: The Art and Science of Designing with Field Theory with Dan Beeker The Art and Science of DFM with Vince Mazur The Art and Science of PCB Design—You Are the Best Tool with Tomas Chester FEATURE ARTICLES Will AI Replace the Art of PCB Design? by Stephen V. Chavez The Colorful World of PCB Design by Cherie Litson The Art of Using Symmetry— and Asymmetry—in PCB Design by Chris Young FEATURE COLUMN Creative Minds Pushing Boundaries by Tara Dunn DECEMBER 2021 • FEATURE CONTENTS There is definitely an artistic angle to this job. PCB design requires the perfect mix of artistic and technical skills. PCB designers and design engineers are graphic artists, but unlike Renaissance sculptors, their masterpieces don't just have to look nice—they also have to function. These PCBs may enable devices that help feed humanity, save lives, or carry us to other countries or planets. The Art and Science of PCB Design 12 40 66 70 28 48 54 74 12 54 40 66 70

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