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32 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2021 e Internet of ings (IoT) is a platform enabling embedded devices that are connected to the internet to collect and exchange data with each other. Devices can begin to interact and work with each other, even learning from each other's experience as humans do. e potential for IoT and connectivity is endless, as everyday objects can connect and share intelligence and knowledge. Some current examples deploying IoT include one of the earliest examples of this technology, wearable technology, which has now vastly extended to encompass the healthcare sector, sports, athletics, and even implantable devices. Some other areas where IoT applications are experiencing rapid growth include the smart home, health care, smart cities, smart grids, agriculture, connectivity within vehicles, and industrial automation. In this month's column, I will be exploring how resin chemistries can be incorporated by design engineers facing ever increasing new challenges from IoT applications. New technology is generally targeted at making our lives better. IoT is all about connecting physical devices wirelessly, using sensors and soware to exchange data and facilitate connections and communication. ere are loads of exciting examples of how IoT is helping to improve and sustain the world around us, not just make our day-to-day lives simpler. Smart connected homes can prevent unnecessary energy use with the ability to turn off lights, or control heating/cooling activity remotely. Smart sensors are even more sophisticated, able to measure air quality and send alerts when pollution levels are high, which is a great way to drive communities and The Rise of Resin in IoT Applications Sensible Design by Beth Turner, ELECTROLUBE

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